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Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College are committed to the premise that the training of contemporary religious leaders should include regular and substantive encounters with individuals from other faith communities. The presence of the religious “other” throughout a student’s education requires the religious and civic leader in formation to articulate her or his religious commitments with clarity and conviction, while remaining open to learning form people with different beliefs and practices. Each year we offer a range of joint courses, co-designed, co-taught and co-populated by faculty and students from both campuses as well as individuals from the wider community.

Many courses are open to auditors. Contact CIRCLE co-directors for details.





Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.26.12 PMPainting by CIRCLE Alumna and Muslim Chaplain Naila Baloch

The Master of Arts in Global Interreligious Leadership (MAGIL) is a degree with a professional emphasis that prepares graduates for service in a variety of settings where interreligious leadership is needed. Prospective students may include those who seek to serve – or already serve – as chaplains in multi-faith settings, such as hospitals, the military, colleges, and universities; social activists who seek deep roots for their justice-oriented work; pastors and staff members in or from congregations dedicated to community organizing across faith lines; and newly-minted college graduates who wish to continue their education toward a career in social justice built on the theological foundation. There are two tracks for the MAGIL degree; students may earn a Masters in Liberal Jewish Studies from Hebrew College with a certificate from Andover Newton Theological School or a Masters of Arts from Andover Newton with a certificate from Hebrew College. Contact CIRCLE or the admissions offices at Andover Newton or Hebrew College for more details.



Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.30.55 PMGiven the great religious diversity in our world, it is crucial that civic and religious leaders gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to work effectively with people from different backgrounds, identities, and ethical traditions. There is a wide spectrum of interfaith and interreligious studies courses available at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College. Contact CIRCLE or the registrars at Hebrew College or Andover Newton for a listing of current and regularly offered interreligious studies courses.




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This popular team-taught course explores fundamental terms at the heart of three major religions

Featured Course! Religious Leadership in a Multi-Religious Society

In this intensive team-taught course, students explore the theological, historical, and sociological dimensions of interreligious leadership through the study of sacred texts, exploration of various dialogical exercises, and analysis of case studies. Students meet with interreligious leaders, educators, and activists both on site and in the classroom.

Instructors: CIRCLE CO-Directors, Dr. Jennifer Peace, Rabbi Or Rose, and Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio. Next offered in January Term 2016 – January 4th-8th, 10-5pm.

Special one-time Andover Newton tuition vouchers are available for qualified Muslim leaders inquire at CIRCLE for details.




Short courses, seminars, and workshops are taught on a rotating basis by CIRCLE affiliates regularly throughout the Greater Boston area. Contact CIRCLE for the latest course offerings or the possibility of bringing a seminar or workshop to your community.

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