(Left) After discussing their sacred scriptures together, Basma (Muslim Community Fellow) and Lauren (Andover Newton Theological School Student) debate the merits of the cake at this CIRCLE sponsored reception. 

(Right) Lizzy (left) catches a word with 2013-2014 Muslim Community Fellow Barbara Sahli.



(Left) Misha (Hebrew College) catches a moment with national Interfaith activist and author Eboo Patel.

(Right) CIRCLE Fellows Kazunori Hamamoto (Muslim Community Fellow) and Kyoko Hamamoto (Andover Newton Doctoral Student)

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We seek entrepreneurial candidates with a passion for interfaith relationship-building who are capable of developing and executing effective initiatives. CIRCLE’s mission is to help equip religious leaders for service in a multi-religious world through the development of personal relationships, study, expression, and activism.

Applicants must be knowledgeable and articulate about their own religious formation, adept at organizing and facilitating religious educational programming, and committed to working collaboratively with other students, faculty and community members. Fellowship applicants must apply in partnership with an eligible student from another faith formation. (Partnership triads are also an option.)

There are two eligibility categories:

1. Andover Newton and Hebrew College CIRCLE fellows– open to students in good academic standing in any of the graduate programs at Andover Newton or Hebrew College.

2. Muslim Community CIRCLE Fellows – open to emerging Muslim leaders in the Greater Boston area

Fellowship Stipends and Program Funds: 
Stipend: $2,000 per person – dispersed in two equal amounts in October and May (pending receipt of final report and satisfactory attendance for fellowship cohort meetings). Fellowship teams are eligible for up to $250 for reimbursable expenses. In addition, CIRCLE peer-groups are eligible for $10 per person/meeting to offset food costs and other approved expenses.

CIRCLE fellowships projects: 

During the fellowship year, the cohort meets regularly (approximately once monthly) for trainings in different aspects of inter-religious and communal leadership. In addition, the fellowship teams undertake their own project. You and your partner/s projects can focus on a variety of topics. CIRCLE fellows have previously worked on topics including prison justice, religious hospitality, scriptural views of the religious other, spirituality in the arts, environmental activism, and other topics. Preference will be given to applications that incorporate the well-established interfaith peer group model as a framework. Interfaith peer groups meet monthly throughout the year to mobilize conversation or activity around a topic.

We can help you make connections with one another across faith traditions:

If you are interested in applying for the fellowship in a subsequent year and need help finding a fellowship partner, we invite you to send us a short bio and description of your idea/s for the fellowship project that will be posted here on a rolling basis. Send your bio and fellowship project ideas to: Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio, clizzio[at]ants[dot]edu.

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